KWPN pressemeddelelse omkring handel med fløjhingsten Handsome O (på engelsk)

Handsome O, the champion of the dressage stallions of the 2015 KWPN Stallion Show, was sold to the Norwegian Kristin Andresen of Katrinelund Stallion Station in the KWPN Select Sale (KSS). A week later, the stallion was delivered in Denmark by seller Jan Brouwer. Some time after the transfer, Andresen announced that Handsome O was injured and for that reason was unable to appear at the Stallion Show in Denmark.

Following the news of Handsome O being injured, the KSS has, in agreement with all parties involved (buyer and seller), requested specialists of the University of Utrecht to carry out an independent and extensive examination in Denmark. Herewith following the current auction conditions. The outcome of this research, that has been shared with the buyer and the seller, evidenced that at time of the auction (7th of February 2015) Handsome O did not suffer from a veterinary issue. Later, during the examination in Denmark, he did. Transport and transfer arrangements made by the buyer and seller, fall under the direct responsibility of these parties, which is clearly expressed in the auction conditions. 

The horses that are admitted to the KWPN Select Sale have undergone an extensive veterinary examination, of which the corresponding reports are available for inspection by potential buyers prior to the auction. Also the day of the auction, foregoing the auction itself, the KSS-veterinaries perform a clinical examination on and draw blood from the horses. The analysis of the blood test of Handsome O indicated no unlawful substances. 

KSS fulfils a facilitating role. Not only at time of the auction, but also afterwards, when complaints with regard to the horses arise. The KSS aims to do its best for all parties involved. The KSS has treated this matter with utmost care. An independent study has been executed and as requested all supplementary information has been handed over to the buyer, furthermore there has been elaborate communications with all the relevant parties. 

During the hearing before the court in Groningen, the Netherlands, on Monday January 18th 2016, it became apparent that several unfounded accusations are being expressed towards the KWPN, KSS and the persons employed by them. The KWPN and KSS have the intention to take action in order to clear themselves of these allegations. The KWPN and KSS owe this to their good image. 

The KSS board regrets the situation. KSS, nor the equestrian branch have an interest in a progressive conflict between the buyer and the seller. For that reason, the KSS board already requested independent experts to undertake mediation attempts. Hopefully this endeavour will lead to the resolution of the conflict in the short term.


The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is the breeding organization of the Netherlands for jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses. The KWPN boasts about 22,000 members in the Netherlands and an average of 10,000 foals born each year. Performance, durability, and attractive conformation are the most important factors on which the international success of the Dutch horse is based. For years, the KWPN has topped the studbook rank list of the international breeding umbrella organization, the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).