Kasprzak and Quarton also took CDI2 Intermediare I victory today in Herning

Top concentrated Anna Kasprzak during Uggerhalne 2017 - Photo: H2R

Top concentrated Anna Kasprzak during Uggerhalne 2017 - Photo: H2R

Today Anna and Quarton showed a more expressive and powerful test than yesterday´s Prix Sct. Georg. Super nice flow for the trot tour, good walk with both nice collection and good relaxation for the extended walk. Slightly hot start of the canter, but Anna manage very well and keeps the flow. Lots of energy and nice natural forward search all the way, super sharp hindlegs showing nice through changes, unfortunately with a small error for the two times, as there is one change with 3 strides between. Super nice sit and balance for the canter pirouettes. 

Another 2nd placement for the big impressive Danish Warmblood gelding Midtgårdens Showhit with Allan Skov. Also Allan manage to show more expression from the begining today, with nice flow and balance for the trot tour and superb walk tour. Into the transition to canter at P Showhit starts with a few trot strides. The start of the canter tour looks a bit tense as if Showhit is not really in front of the aides as we saw him in the trot and walk tour. Bit cautious flying change after the medium canter and lost of canter after the zig-zag when turning at C, but Allan keeps him focused and showing a solid canter tour with nice pirouettes, where the 2nd could have been more centered. Nice series and super final halt. 

Unfortunately there were some technical issue with the streaming during the test of today´s no 3 Maria Dahl-Bruun with her 16 yr old Volstrupgaards Cassiopeia. From yesterday´s test Cassiopeia looks like a top schoolmaster with both expression and suppleness. 

Danish Susanne Møller Wallin with Sir James showed a good test. Sir James shows nice expression all the way. Good canter tour except the pirouettes where he becomes a bit hind of the riders aides. Series are good, but could be shown with a bit more expression. Nice overall picture. 

Watching the scoring sheets there were some differences, but the most eye catching was the walk scores from judge at H, Mr. Truppa ITL. He saw the scores for Jewels Sir Weibach for a 7 for both the extended walk and the collected walk, while his collegues saw the collected walk for a clear 4 and the extended walk between 4,5 and 6,5.

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