Dufour beats Werth at FEI World Cup Grand Prix today in Herning (video of the entire class)


Proud to be Danish

Great top of the field today, and one of the very big milestone for Danish Cathrine Dufour was to be able to beat dressage queen no 1 Isabell Werth. Recently Werth and Johnson were beaten, but that was also a clear consequens from a not well polished test. Today Werth and Don Johnson did what they could - but just not quite enough, eventhough the German judge at E Gotthilf Riexinger just saw Dufour and Cassidy´s performance to just 74,600% and a placement as just no 4. The other four judges had Dufour and Cassidy as clear winners above 80%! Luckily this "stumble" did not change the fact, that Dufour was clear and well deserved winner today. 

Pity because if Riexinger were at same line as his colleagues, Dufour would have broken the magic +80% - but this day will for sure come in near future. 

When being a bit more detailed about the test, it was an overall easy, harmonious and expressive test. From H2R point view the few more marks today to collect were from the transitions, as they could have been a bit sharper direct on the letters. Well deserved clear 10 from Danish judge at M Susanne Baarup for top well performed two times series. 

H2R comments during the test:

Atterupgaards Cassidy DEN - good halt, nice forward, could show a bit more bend for half passes bit low tempo for half passes, open h for rein back, could be more sharp at letter for 1st passage, good 1st passage/piaffe/passage, superb walk tour - just 9 from 2 judges, easy 2nd piaffe / passage, bit late transition in passage from walk, big 2 times 10 from 1 judge!, super nice pirouettes, late transition at M, super final centerline, open final halt. Standing ovation from the public.

Isabell Werth showed a smooth, well balanced test without any technical errors.

H2R comments during the test:

Don Johnson GER - superb halt and out in trot, control pure, well balanced extended trot, smooth supple half passes, good halt rein back, passage at the letter, good passage/piaffe/passage easy transitions, good walk, M super passage transitions, lost a small step 2nd piaffe, good 2 times, power full risk extended canter, good zig-zag, bit short 1 times, good pirouettes, well balanced extended trot, smooth centerline, superb final halt.

Patrik Kittel and Delaunay showed their best test to date (not percentage wise) but from the "sideline" the most smooth and supple test, and the "detail" when Kittel preparing for the 2nd piaffe where Delaunay snorts, and Kittel just easily and soft release a bit of the presure bringing Delaunay back into his comfort zone, and then performing a lovely active piaffe. Kittel stated after the Grand Prix "I was really happy with my performance today, and Cathrine was awesome, and the crowd was cool".

H2R comments during the test:

Delaunay SWE - good halt and forward, good extended trot, good half passes, bit early good halt rein back, easy transition to passage, nice flow for piaffe/passage, good walk, sharp passage at M, lovely active smooth 2nd piaffe including transitions, good 2 times, well balanced zig-zag, super nice 1 times, easy pirouettes, active bouncy piaffe, lots of suspension for passage, super halt.

Placed 5th was another Danish combination Daniel Bachmann Andersen with Blue Hors Zack. Never seen Zack more supple and off the ground for the entire test, really playing obedient and fresh along all the way. Great achivement for Daniel and his team, as this really shows Zack going into the big scene, not just from his lately success at CDI4 in Germany.

H2R comments during the test: 

Blue Hors Zack DEN - good halt, nice extended trot, nice flow half passes, bit open halt nice rein back nearly 6 steps back, good passage, 1st piaffe bit forward and lack bit more energy, nice extended walk, superb collected walk, good transition to passage M, bit forward 2nd piaffe but super rhythm, nice transitions, nice supple 2 times, good zig-zag well adjusted from rider, super 1 times uphill, super sit pirouette slight over turn, 2nd super good, good extended trot, super bouncy final centerline lovely transitions, good halt. 

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