OLD stallion licensing comes up 16 - 18 November (with full live streaming)

When Oldenburger Verband welcomes for this years stallion licensing it will be with full live stream schedule.

Link for live stream

Skærmbillede 2017-11-07 kl. 09.35.01.png

A collection of 39 young stallions are selected

From the video presentations there are just two stallions which caught some extra attention from H2R. 

It is interesting to see the entire collection

Unfortunately the public does not have the possibility to watch all stallions, as the stallions which are not offered for sale are not shown with videos. Pity as some of them for sure also will be future stallions for breeding.


For the upcoming NRW licensing all stallions are available with videos (including the stallions not for sale at the auction). 

See the entire collection here.