79,280% CDI4 Grand Prix comeback for Showtime FRH and Dorothee Schneider (video)


At 9.00 Dorothee Schneider and the 11 year old super horse Showtime FRH made a very impressive comeback today after 1 yr injury break.

Smooth and powerful trot tour as we know them, good walk tour where Dorothee for the first 5 meters at the beginning of the extended walk struggling a bit, as Showtime will not really take the forward search through the body towards the hand, but after the 5 meters he starts marching. Good canter tour with highlights of the pirouettes, one times with a small error in the mid, and throughout the canter tour Dorothee seems to encourage Showtime to keep he nose in front of the pole.

2nd became Ingrid Klimke yet again with an international Grand Prix debut, today with the expressive 9 yr old mare Geraldine. Smooth and effortless test in nice harmony, with good series and pirouettes, and where you just can wait for a bit more strength for the piaffe and passage tours. 

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