Missing some of the top stallions for the archive from lunging of Oldenburger stallions yesterday

Skærmbillede 2017-11-17 kl. 09.38.27.png

Remember the dressage stallions starts with catalog no 40.

Unfortunately there is no video from catalog no 70 by Gray Flanell / Licotus (from Schockemöhle), no 71 by Londontime / Danone I (new stallion at Blue Hors) and catalog no 74 by Sandro Hit / Fürst Heinrich (from HP Horses). From eyes direct at the sideline they all 3 looks like Premium candidates. 

Link HERE.

From yesterdays lunging the stallions below showed something extra:

No 47 - Diamond Hit / Fürst Heinrich

No 53 - Finest / Christ

No 57 - Follow Me / Sir Donnerhall I

No 59 - Fürstenball / Donnerhall

No 79 - Wild Child / Florencio


From H2R point of view the absolute top spots goes to no 47 by Diamond Hit / Fürst Heinrich or no 59 by Fürstenball / Donnerhall. 

Today presentation free starts at 14:00 via live stream.