Weihegold and Werth 6% ahead of Damsey and Langehanenberg (video of the entire World Cup Grand Prix)


Today´s World Cup Grand Prix from Stuttgart became another triumph for Weihegold and Werth winning with 82,06%, 6% ahead of Damsey and Langehanenberg with 76,06%. From H2R point of view not really 6% difference - judge for yourself. 

H2R comments on top 3

Weihegold OLD GER - good start, bit cautious extended trot, supple half passes, superb halt with rein back, fire on the ground passage, super transitions, super piaffe, small disturb 2nd part passage, good walk, 2nd piaffe/passage top qualities, error 2 times, well balanced zig-zag, bit tense 1 times, superb sit control by pirouettes, cautious extended trot, superb final, open halt. 82,08%. 

Damsey FRH GER - wow extended trot, smooth half passes lack bit carriage to left, good halt rein back, easy 1st piaffe / passage, superb extended walk lots of suppleness, bit forward piaffe, lovely side picture, super supple 2 times, control zig-zag+, bit lovely 1 times, super control pirouettes, a couple of 1 times at X, super final piaffe, bit stocked for final meters. 76,100%.

Zaire-E GER - bit tense halt, bit running extended trot, active half passes, bit tense halt rein back, superb 1st passage/piaffe/passage tour, good walk lack bit more over the back walk, bit tense 2nd piaffe tour, super series, nice pirouettes, clock work final centerline. 74,740%.

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See results here. 

Winner Isabell Werth and Weihegold OLD:

Watch the entire test here below. Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH is at start 2.00.30.