Isabell delivers everytime - also for today´s World Cup freestyle in Stuttgart with Weihegold OLD


Werth just keep on doing her things

When watching Werth at nearly all international competitions during an entire year you actually never see her fail. And if thought for a second that her position could be in a kind of danger for today´s freestyle - you were just absolutely wrong. 

Werth is just doing was she is best at WINNING!

Top 3

Weihegold GER - spot on piaffe / passage tours, well balanced half passes, good walk tour, small error front for 2 times, superb double pirouettes, 360 turn piaffe pirouette - just AWESOME!

Sammy Davis Jr GER - dancing tango theme suits very well, well managed and beautiful expressive test.

Damsey FRH GER - very electric passage and piaffe tours, super extended walk, half passes trot lack bit balance, bit on the toes for collected walk, 1st canter pirouette not successful unfortunately an expensive mistake. Strong final.

Strong tests

Superb World Cup freestyle debut delivered by Fabienne Lütkemeier and her just 10yr old Fabregaz. The longlegged gelding was playing very obedient along all the way, and the test from Fabienne did definitely not lack of difficulty as if it was for a "beginner". They finish with impressive 78,190% as no 5.

Swiss Marcela Krinke-Susmelj and her long time partner Danish Warmblood Smeyers Molberg were strongly back on track today, from a not so strong Grand Prix yesterday. More power and suppleness combined with good double pirouettes made it to placement as no 12 today. 

Spanish Morgan Barbancon and her stallion Sir Donnerhall II seems to develop from competition to competition at the moment. Today they finished 10th a head of much more experienced combinations. 

Today the co-commentator at FEI-tv together with John Kyle was British para Olympic gold medalist Natascha Baker. She brought in many nice comments during the competition.

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