Stallion Gala in Vechta - many interesting young stallions to follow in the future

Atterupgaards Botticelli and Severo Jurado Lopez 

Atterupgaards Botticelli and Severo Jurado Lopez 

Attractive stallions for tonights Oldenburger Stallion Gala in Vechta

Helgstrand Dressage was represented with 4 stallions, Atterupgaards Botticelli, Farrari OLD, Revolution and D´avie. 

First stallion from Helgstrand Dressage was 5 yr old Danish Warmblood stallion Atterupgaards Botticelli by Benetton Dream / Caprimond / Donnerhall with Spanish Severo Jurado Lopez in the saddle. Severo and Botticelli has recently become a combination as Helgstrand purchased half of Botticelli from Stud Atterupgaard. This is for sure a combination you have to keep an eye on, as the stallion shows his outstanding qualities under Severo. 

4 yr old Revolution is a true revolution - no doubt this big framed boy is an outstanding top mover, and watching him under Helgstrand himself they look like a couple for the future. And not least going into this intense arena seems to just bring the best out of him.

D´avie and Severo Jurado Lopez

D´avie and Severo Jurado Lopez

Last Helgstrand stallion to go tonight was 5 yr old D´avie with Severo in the saddle. This stallion is right now transforming to a pure athlete under Severo, and at the same time D´avie looks much more confident.

Other stallion stars

First Selection by Follow Me / Lauries Crusador xx from Lodbergen still shows super qualities under Lukas Fischer, alway uphill with a lot of suppleness. The sharp eyes could wish for at bit rounder canter from behind.

Baron by Benicio / Sir Donnerhall is showing something spectacular, but at the moment it just looks like that he still needs more strength from behind to be able to carry and push correct from behind all the time. An interesting stallion to follow for the future.

Secret by Sezuan / St. Moritz did not disappoint his fans. Swedish Jessica Lynn Andersson showed him in the best way. Lots of power and expression and 3 outstanding gaits. There are for sure a lot of breeders out there waiting even more to see his foals next year.