Millennium or Vitalis? (videos)

No 43 by Vitalis / Johnson - photo credit: Petra Kerschbaum/PFERDENEWS

No 43 by Vitalis / Johnson - photo credit: Petra Kerschbaum/PFERDENEWS

Which one of the top stallions will be the Champion tomorrow

After today´s presentation free and with free jumping the overall picture is very clear for most of the stallions. 

Still oustanding no 43 by Vitalis / Johnson co-owned by Helen Langehanenberg - picture above speaks for itself, but said that no 37 by Millennium / Lord Loxley impresses everyone with his powerful elegance, sharp round hindlegs, lots of freedom from the shoulders, always balanced uphill frame and impressive 175 cm.

No 43 from today´s presentation free:

No 37 from today´s presentation free:

Also the other Vitalis boy no 42 with Dancier as damsire was showing lovely balance and suppleness today. Like no 23 by Flanell / Laurentio with superb balance, push from behind and lovely expressive frontlegs.

More "siblings" and one or two "forgotten"

It is actually nice with "just" 45 stallions for the main licensing, and still the number could have been reduced to 40 when watching the entire collection. 

In many ways the NRW licensing commision were nice sharp, but there were a couple of decisions which seems a bit out of the line.

From H2R opinion there was no need to take both Apache sons as no 1 with Hotline was clearly more well developed and expressive as a stallion. The same fact with the two For Romance I sons, as no 26 with Fürst Nymphenburg yesterday showed some odd steps hind for the lunging, and this was the same picture for today. No 27 with Lauries Crusador xx as damsire was the one to select. And again with 2 x Goldberg selected where the one with Damon Hill damsire was best. 


Two Franklin sons were presented and non of them licensed! From watching the pre-selection and now the licensing no 28 with Rubin-Royal as damsire showing a lot of power, lightness and elasticity in his movements and with a well developed body -  for sure a stallion for both breeding and sport. 

From H2R point of view no 7 by Damon Hill/Dimension was also missing at the list with the licensed stallions. Not a top modern stallion, but very expressive and supple off the ground mover.