Collection for OLD Winter Mixed Sales

Skærmbillede 2017-11-29 kl. 20.22.08.png

The over all picture of the collection for the upcoming OLD Winter Mixed Sales is a nice collection counting more interesting horses for the future.

The high-lights from H2R point of view are:

No 2 - 7 yr old mare with nice format and quick of the ground in a nice frame.

No 4 - 3 year old gelding - nice frame, quick of the ground, lack bit more clear forward search for the walk. 

No 14 - big framed young mare showing nice lightness of the ground.

No 30 - lightfooted mare with nice uphill frame.

No 32 - another interesting quick of the ground mare with the exciting blood combination with dressage sire and jumping dam line. 

See the entire collection here