Stallion licensing and auction at DSP Hengsttage 24 - 27 January 2018

Skærmbillede 2017-12-26 kl. 15.15.40.png

40 dressage stallions are ready for licensing in Munich

The program for the DSP Stallion Days are:

Wednesday 24 January

16.00 Free jumping dressage stallions

Thursday 25 January

8.30 Presentation on hard surface

13.00 presentation free dressage stallions with walk ring

Friday 26 January

09.00 lunging dressage stallions

After lunging all dressage stallions with walk ring and decision of licensed or not licensed

20.00 Stallion Gala

The entire licensing is available via Clipmyhorse. 

Four H2R favorites are shown below with videos.

No 74 by Van Vivaldi/Converter is presented for the licensing by Danish Stud Blue Hors, and is for sale at the auction when licensed. 

You will find the entire collection here.