4 victories this weekend for Germany´s Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (video)

Skærmbillede 2017-12-17 kl. 18.01.03.png

Her smile says everything, but her style and her way of riding her horses just makes a very light and easy picture. Her two mares for this weekend in Frankfurt just did their best, and as Jessica explains at the subsequent interview with Clipmyhorse, she is just trying to build up confidence for her horses every time she goes into the arena. 

Zaire did both tests this weekend with any technical issues and with personal best for the Grand Prix with impressive 77,220%.

Louisdor Preis final with future top stars (H2R favorites Dalera BB, Faustus and Carlos)

Today´s Louisdor Preis final and yesterday´s Nürnberger Burg-Pokal final are both some of the very highlights of the year, always with top riders and showing new top horses. And this years Louisdor final was without exception. 

For the young trakehner mare TSF Dalera BB it was just her 3rd indoor event ever, and of course Jessica was full of prayers for this talented high quality mare. Lightness, suppleness and ability are the three main words for today´s winning performance for the prestigious young Grand Prix horse Louisdor Preis final.

H2R comments during the test


Dalera BB by Easy Game/Handryk with Jessica von Bredow-Werndl - expressive well balanced extended trot, nice half passes well managed, bit open halt for rein back, could be a bit sharper into passage, nice passage, easy light piaffe with smooth transitions, super transition to walk, huge supple extended walk, good collected walk, bit spooky start of passage looking, wauw nice 2nd piaffe, good 2 times, some tensions for zig-zag, good 1 times, super active pirouette with nice control, late transition at M, nice extended trot, easy smooth transitions and super passage/piaffe centerline.

Placed 2nd: 

Faustus by Falsterbo / Forrest xx with Dorothee Schneider - expressive start, nice flow for half passes nice crossing, good halt with rein back, nice extended trot, small tension into 1st passage, good piaffe lack bit clear power for passage, extended walk with good relaxation over the back, good collected walk, nice 2nd piaffe tour with good transitions, small error begin 2 times, good zig-zag, nice flow for 1 times, lost bit canter quality for 2nd pirouette, super extended trot, small stop before final piaffe but continues, good passage at centerline. 

Placed 3rd:

Franziskus by Fidertanz/Alabaster with Ingrid Klimke - power extended trot, nice half passes, nice halt bit tense rein back, smooth extended trot, nice into passage, nice piaffe steps but very much forward, short extended walk need more over the back, small disturb in collected walk, better on the spot 2nd piaffe, nice 2 times, good extended canter change could be a bit more fluent, error mid of 1 times, good pirouettes, super extended trot could show bit more clear collection at the end, lack bit more clear forward power for final piaffe at centerline.

Placed 4th:

Carlos by Carabas/Weltmeyer (2017 European Champion for YR under Hannah Erbe) with Heiner Schiergen - this is a horse with the whole package. Walk, trot, canter, piaffe and passage, lots of ability and power still not 100% settled for the entire Grand Prix tour, but no doubt this horse is one to watch for the big future.