Isabell Werth kept Cathrine Dufour behind with just 0,4% today

Impressive arena with a lot of spectators for today´s Saab Top 10 Grand Prix at Sweden International Horse Show

Impressive arena with a lot of spectators for today´s Saab Top 10 Grand Prix at Sweden International Horse Show

Saab Top 10 became as expected a very sharp competition with lots of lovely sport

Very close between 1 and 2, Werth and Dufour today, and very unusual both had minor errors during their tests today. 

For Werth it looked like a not 100% fokused test today, as those small glips with lack of flow for transition to passage from collected walk, and an unmotivated error in the mid of the one times were way out of her (their) usual safe power tests. 

For Dufour it more looked like "bad luck" with her small issue for the zig-zag canter. And today lacking a 100% steady halt for rein back, and a tiny lack of energy for the 2nd piaffe kept her away for the top of the podium. Improved were the half passes with clearly more bend and Cathrine manage very well to show the exercise in a well balanced tempo. All the extensions were spot on from letter to letter with maximum power and expression. And still not any clear 10´s for the extended walk just 2 x 9 and  1 x 8 and 2 x 7,5, and again a clear active collected walk tour just scoring 8 - 7 - 8 - 7.5 - 7.5.

Danish not "colored" glasses

From H2R point of view Cathrine and Cassidy do have the possibility to nail it all tomorrow, but that means an error free freestyle with maximum risk which could bring her in front of Werth, and as the freestyle itself counting double for the "total accounting" Dufour could be the one bringing the extra special price a VW Tiguan back to Denmark. 

Just 0,220% between Nilshagen and Langehanenberg

Dante Weiltino OLD and Therese Nilshagen was on fire for today´s test. It was their first outing since the Europeans and they did not disappoint their come crowd - huge applauding from the audience for the final meters. Dante looks even stronger now, which you clearly can see from the more uphill trend for the series. 

Damsey FRH and Helen Langehanenberg is showing an effortless test in a beautiful frame, and again this extended walk is just worth a clear 10, like the collected walk is active with really nice qualities.

See the entire results here.

For sure it´s gonna be an exciting freestyle tomorrow.

H2R comments during the test:

Damsey FRH GER - super halt, good extended trot slight concervative, good half passes, super passage expression, super transitions bit forward piaffe but active flow, lovely extended walk just 3 x 9! Super transition at M for passage, good flow 2nd pi/pa, big series, bit cautious extended canter, good zig-zag, well managed pirouettes slight big but super quality. Very nice final centerline bit open halt.

Attterupgaards Cassidy DEN - super halt, expressive power supple extension, well balanced half passes, bit tense halt for rein back, nice 1st piaffe 2 x 9, extended walk with superb over track 9 x 2, small tension 2nd piaffe bit lack balance at start, superb 2 times, small error zig-zag, good pirouettes 2nd with a 10! Supple super extended trot, strong final. 79,3%

Emilio GER - expressive extended trot, nice crossing half passes, 2nd bit high tempo, super passage, 1 x 10 1st piaffe active, good walk, small error from collected walk to passage, good 2nd piaffe. Strong canter tour, small error mid of 1 times. Well balanced pirouettes, 1 x 10 for final passage, open final halt. 79,7%

Zuidenwind SWE - overall very solid test, but unfortunately a very unsteady open mouth all the way today. Good balance for trot tour nice supple half passes, not steady halt for rein back, good piaffe and passage nice flow, good series, need more collection into both pirouettes, good final piaffe but lack the final meters for passage. 73,760%

Mister X RUS - general impression lacking more self carriage and lightness on the bridle. Lack bend in half pass to right better to left, good piaffe and passage including trasitions, bit swing 2 times, small tensions change after extended canter, unbalanced zig-zag, much sit for 1st pirouette but bit stocked, better 2nd pirouette, lacking final meters for passage rider struggling to keep the horse straight forward towards final halt. 74,760%

Deep Impact ESP - wow power extensions for all 3 times! More times 9! Good flow for half passes, nice piaffe and passage, but Severo you don´t have to check the quality in the shadow ;-), good walk, attacking forward series, small lack of impuls for 2nd piaffe, small tension into canter, small trot step into 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette nice, late transition at M, start early for final piaffe and very much forward. 73,720%

Paridon Magi SWE - collecting most of her point from the canter tour. Lack in general bit more lightness in the hand and sometimes with a bit open mouth. Tongue slight visual for 1st extended trot, piaffe bit high neck, half passes lack more flow, open and rest back for halt rein back. Solid canter tour bit big 1st pirouette 2nd better. 74,980%

Deja SWE - smooth expressive extended trot 1 x 10, nice crossing half passes, good halt but small tension rein back, 1st piaffe lack more balance few steps and lack clear transition out, good walk tour, 2nd piaffe much better, very solid canter tour with very nice qualities and good balance. Power extensions at final and good final centerline. 74,920%

Dante Weltino OLD - fire on the ground test. Sometime Therese was a bit too early, entering halt, halt at C and final piaffe. Super supple expressive extended trot, supple half passes, bit tense rein back, bit hurried extended walk, super collected walk, nice series better uphill frame now, smooth extended canter. superb pirouettes, very easy final centerline - applauding final. 77,940%

Arlando DEN - good start, smooth half passes, hurried rein back, good passage/piafffe/passage tours, small tension from collected walk into passage, good walk, nice series, error zig-zag while Arlando did not take the aides for one transition and Anna had to make transition to walk and start again. Rest of the canter tour was solid with very nice pirouettes. Good final where the piaffe becomes a bit forward. 70,7%