41 dressage horses for the up-coming NRW Winter auction at 21 January 2018

Full schedule and H2R highlights of the collection

Skærmbillede 2017-12-29 kl. 09.17.03.png

H2R favorites

No 4 - nice supple through the body, and the moment he shows more relaxation for the walk it is with good quality. 

No 22 - natural uphill and light of the ground, with 3 good basic gaits. Interesting horse for further education. 

No 23 - nice type with supple movements. At the moment the walk looks a bit to big, but for sure a horse with nice potential.


It is always difficult when you have this kind of presentation of the young horses with just trot by the hand. But no 19 would be interesting to see a bit more of. 

You will find the entire collection here.