10 years with Dressage- and Breeding News at H2R

Photo: H2R/Mikkel-M.COM

Photo: H2R/Mikkel-M.COM

2017 statistic facts about horse2rider.com

According to the traffic source analytics, supplied by our web site provider, the number of unique visitors went up 20,4% in 2017.

  • 52% of all visits came from social media - meaning that especially Facebook and Twitter are great tools for readers to get news from web sites like H2R, as these platforms serves as kind of a “gateway to quality content” applications.
  • 40% of all visits came from the group of regular H2R readers using bookmarks directly, readers who probably prefer getting their daily news fix whenever they have the time during the day.
  • The rest of the visitors came from searching online for specific dressage- or breeding related information then ending up reading related news or articles on H2R.

A supportive fact to the way I like to thing that readers want to read news is, that more than 65% of all visits in 2017 came from mobile devices (smart phones). A number which by the way increases year after year. And as with my self I think that most of the H2R readers likes to be instant updated during the day - and not by reading day-old news a few days, or even weeks, later.

Now where do they come from, the readers?

Even though I have spent almost a decade living in the Southern Spain I can´t deny being Danish. And probably therefore app half of the H2R readers comes from Denmark – the rest being a fine mix of dressage nerds from mainly the European and Scandinavia countries and a large part from the USA as well. Australia, Asia and the middle east are also represented and even some of the more exotic destinations around the world has found way into the statistics - which probably just proves that dressage persons also likes to read news during their holidays.

Denmark( 50%), United States (9%), Germany (8%), Sweden (7%), United Kingdom (7%), Norway (2%), Netherlands (2%), Finland, (2%), Australia, (2%), Spain (1%), New Zealand (1%), Austria, Belgium, France, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Thailand, Italy, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Estonia, Ukraine, China, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, Argentina, India, Jersey, Mexico, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia, Republic of Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Bahamas, Isle of Man, Brazil, Morocco, Iceland, Guernsey, Malaysia, Cape Verde, Kenya, Hong Kong, Slovak Republic, Åland, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Egypt, Romania, Singapore, Israel, Chile, Pakistan, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Azerbaijan, Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Malta, Myanmar [Burma], Japan, Aruba, Belarus, Lebanon, Iran, Costa Rica and Uruguay... and the list goes on and on.

2017 has been a great year with lots of exciting stuff going on in the world of dressage, and based on a kitchen table idea by the need to gather all the most important news from the dressage- and breeding world in one place, horse2rider.com was created during the summer of 2008. So come August 2018 and H2R will proudly mark its 10 year anniversary as online dressage- and breeding news provider – and I guess by reaching +300.000 unique visitors in 2017 - we can´t be all that wrong!


Charlotte Mogensen, H2R Owner & Editor