VIDEOS - 15 combinations ready for 5 year old final at Danish national federation championship for Young Horses

Revolution and Andreas Helgstrand - photo credit: Lily Forado

Revolution and Andreas Helgstrand - photo credit: Lily Forado

Revolution and Helgstrand himself with another top performance

The big impressive stallion Revolution with Andreas Helgstrand in the saddle is a very successful combination, and today without exception and with a clear well deserved 10 for the canter.

Helgstrand Dressage also dominates the 5 year old

2nd today was Kenneth Damgaard with For Emotion, for sure not an easy ride knowing that there was no room for tensions or on the toes walk today, but much better control than for the qualifier at Vilhelmsborg.

The new combination Severo Jurado Lopez and Devenport does really show great development also since Vilhelmsborg qualifier.

Videos of top 3 are posted below.

Difficult to be “happy amateur”

Just two non professionals are ready for the final, no 4 Pernille Elten Sigsgaard with Møgelvang Farrari by Sezuan/Come Back II, they are like Helle Wibe with DD Benissima by Belissimo M/Don Romantic well known from Danish Warmblood Young Horse championship finals earlier this year in Herning.

Words of praise for “just” 9,1

For Daniel Bachmann Andersen with the Zack son Zampalo it might have been kind of weird when the judges just had words of praises for the trot work and then just rewarded with 9,1. From the sideline it definitely sounded like closer to 10.

One horse is for sure missing for the 5 year old final tomorrow

From the start of this preliminary 5 year old class it became somewhat weird with scoring from the judges. But without watching the individual marks the conclusion is that 15 horses are ready for the final with just one missing.

The light footed and expressive chestnut mare Straight Horse Sezuanna by Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Don Schufro (full sister of Sezuan) with Kenneth Damgaard in the saddle was first to go this morning. They were just rewarded with a total of 75,200, without a single mark over 8,0!

This is a young horse competition and it is also about ride ability and potential. For Sezuanna it was clearly not a question about not being ride able, as she was nice obedient all the way, just showing some “baby” tensions throughout the test today. The way this mare moves is for sure for the future, and the general qualities of the gaits are clearly for at least 8 even with today’s tensions, and then of course with a smaller deduction for the ride ability today, but the huge potential is obvious. The marks were: Trot 7,8 - walk 7,2 - canter 7,6 - ride ability 7,2 - potential 7,8

Another combination with a very weird judging was Delizia with Anne Troensegaard. This mare has never been shown as balanced and powerful as for today’s trot tour, and yes she is still missing the final strength for the extensions but still keeping the balance. Every single step for the rest of the trot tour was spot on, and more like a 9,5-9,7 and not as scored just 8,5. The walk itself was good with clear beat, but could have shown more relaxation. Score from judges just 7,3, at least 1.0 too low for today’s test. The canter was today’s “problem” as tensions were shown throughout the entire canter tour and starting with error for the transition to canter where the rider trying twice before Delizia taking the signal. But bringing the ride ability mark as low as 7,2 seems to be out of line. At the same time the potential is obvious even with the tensions for the canter today, and the deduction down to a 8,8 level instead of the scoring 7,8 had been much more correct.

These two mares shows something very exciting when you wear the “future glasses”.