Carina Cassøe Krüth at top the podium with both her 7 year old horses

Pure nice riding and well educated horses

Carina Cassøe Krüth and her dancing princess Heiline´s Danciera was able to repeat last year win at 6 year old today. Carina was already in the lead with her other mare Red Diamant, and knew with a sharp performance that her no 1 dancing princess Heiline´s Danciera actually could beat herself - and mission complete.

It was pure easy and effortless riding for both performances. Nice flow, easy steady contact, nice frame, very obedient and very well performed - a pleasure to watch when you get the feeling that it actually looks easy.

Maria Anita Andersen and Thybo´s Laban took the bronze with a solid quality test and with Michael Søgaard and his World Championship partner Jukebox as no 4. Jukebox and Michael showed really great form today as Jukebox looked very expressive and motivated for the job. Maria and Michael scored exactly the same by the test, and the tiny difference was just by the gaits from judges point of view.