VIDEOS - Springbank II VH and Severo Jurado Lopez kept everyone behind for today's final

Springbank II VH and Severo Jurado Lopez - photo credit: Helgstrand Dressage/Mia Bach

Springbank II VH and Severo Jurado Lopez - photo credit: Helgstrand Dressage/Mia Bach

Top stallions and top mares

As predicted this years finals especially for the 4 year old and 5 year old became something extraordinary.

Springbank II VH

Springbank II VH by Skovens Rafael / De Niro with Severo Jurado Lopez in the saddle just shows top qualities combined with huge abilities. It just looks like a pleasure riding this “Rolls Royce”, as Charlotte Dujardin described Springbank from last weekends Breeders Trophy in Sweden, when testing him.

When watching them it looks like a horse 100% on the aides and obedient and at the same time in a lovely natural frame. The three gaits are all with extra qualities, and are at the same time shown with natural suppleness without tensions in the body.

Now we can’t wait for 2019 and hopefully a combination for World Championship for Young Horses.

Blue Hors Zackerey

Yet another Zack son with superb qualities. Together with Daniel Bachmann Andersen this young stallion gives a lovely overall picture in a nice natural closed frame, moving active of the ground. Today’s mark for ride ability might be in for discussion, as Zackerey clearly puts in his protest for the halt by kicking, but the judging team still felt this was a 9,5 mark.

Queenspark Wendy

3rd today the super gold medal mare (German bred) by Sezuan / Blue Hors Soprano bringing the combination of lightness and power quick of the ground.

The breeding stallions with huge imprint

A look down the result list shows a great development of the breeding stallions. Over the years the demand from the breeders asking for quality stallions not just showing their qualities for the stallion performance tests, but also showing qualities for the sport and especially where they also has to show their basic gaits and abilities for both lengthening and collection, has definitely been taken into consideration when deciding next years foal.