Prix Sct. Georg with strong Danish performances at Herning tonight

14 combinations for tonights international Prix Sct. Georg

From watching the entire class Marianne Helgstrand with Super Mario was today’s winner, but today’s championship rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen brought for sure some extra championship points.

Even though Marianne had two errors and a not top collected walk tour, she still show great qualities with suppleness and expression, while Daniel today was missing a bit more flow and let go the entire test, and with some moments during the canter tour where Zee Me Blue is lacking more power and balance.

Placed 3rd today was the Polish combination Przemyslaw Kozanowski with Zome Zin. A lovely supple horse, but seen from the “sideline” the overall picture was for most of the trot tour with the pole behind the vertical.

Danish Allan Skov with Midtgaardens Showhit showing a solid test with easy flow for the trot tour, superb extended walk and smaller tensions hind for the canter tour but still an error free test.

It was international debut for both Helen Langehanenberg with Bryan and Maria Anita Andersen with Præsteskovens Raquel, with a huge surplus for Maria, unfortunately not reflected at the scoreboard today.

H2R comments during the tests:

Blue Hors Zee Me Blue DEN - open halt, small lack of beat at diagonal, good flow trot tour, good collected walk lost bit balance 2nd walk pirouette, good extended walk, bit tense change between half passes, good 1st pirouette, bit on two tracks into 2nd pirouette, small tensions for series. 73,971%

Super Mario DEN - good halt and forward, nice go and flow for trot tour with nice expression, collected walk lack more clear collection, super supple extended walk, good quality and control for both pirouettes, error end 4 times, nice 3 times. 72,108%

Zome Zin POL - nice flow and balance for the trot tour but very short neck for more moments, lack bit balance for collected walk, clear canter tour lacking a bit more forward flow. 70,637%

Midtgaardens Showhit DEN - good halt, well balanced trot tour, collected walk lack bit activity, supple extended walk with nice stretching and over track, 1st pirouette becomes bit hind the riders aides, 2nd better control, nice series but slightly crop high. 69,902%

Bryan GER (Helen Langehanenberg) - bit unbalance picture for the trot tour, looks like some extra contact on right rein all the way, some tensions for the walk tour, good qualities for the canter tour. 69.902%

Præsteskovens Raquel DEN - good halt direct forward, super expressive diagonal, good flow and balance for trot tour, good collected walk nice walk pirouettes, could show more relaxation and over track for extended walk, bit unbalanced end 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette with nice control, error 4 times. 68,676%