Denmarks next generation is ready

Two of Denmarks absolute top riders are ready with their next super stars

It is not about they will be stars - they are already stars, today with 8 year old Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour with impressive 76,587% and 10 year old Blue Hors Don Olymbrio with Daniel Bachmann Andersen in the saddle scoring 75,543%.

About Bohemian it is still a bit early talking about development as he is still very young at this top level, but the way Cathrine is able to show him both without any technical issues and at the same time without tension - that’s just something very special.

For Blue Hors Don Olymbrio it looks like a very nice development combined with more strength, security and overview by every single exercise.

Also Kathleen Keller with her just 11 year old San Royal is showing great form and lovely development.

H2R comments during the tests:

Bohemian DEN - superb halt and forward, good diagonal, nice balance and flow for both half passes, good crossing, superb halt for rein back good rein back, easy transition to passage, nice flow and activity for passage and piaffe, smooth transition, could stretch a bit more fore extended walk, nice collected walk, good transition to passage, well balanced 2nd piaffe with nice transitions, good transition to canter, nice 2 times could be more uphill, nice zig-zag need bit more uphill trend, nice 1 times, superb sit and quality for both pirouettes, good transition, nice extension, superb final centerline, piaffe at the spot!

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio DEN - bit unbalanced halt, nice extension, supple half passes, nice halt with rein back, nice extension direct to passage, nice balanced piaffe with smooth transitions, good relaxation for extended walk, very nice collected walk, direct to passage, easy balanced 2nd piaffe, good passage, nice transition to canter, nice 2 times, good extended canter nice transition and change, super balanced zig-zag, nice 1 times, huge sit for pirouettes with good quality, good final centerline. 

San Royal GER - bit unbalanced halt. good diagonal, nice flow and balance for half passes, tensions for rein back, good passage/piaffe/passage tour, good walk tour, 2nd pi/pa tour ditto, small error 2 times, good control zig-zag, very nice 1 times, good control for both pirouettes, smooth transition to trot, expressive extension, very nice final centerline.

Comments about all combinations are available via H2R Facebook.

Placed 4th was another Danish combination Lone Bang Larsen with Bakkely´s Onandt. Lone has been struggling a bit with some errors during her latest shows, but today she managed to show Onandt in a both clear and expressive test with very nice qualities.

Danish Claus Thinggaard did his debut with the experienced Jojo AZ today and they showed a solid test, with just minor issues.

Unfortunately were Danish Ditte Mikkelsen with Don Rohdian eliminated after their test as Don Rohdian bit himself in the lip.