Dujardin testing the 4 year old horses at Swedish Breeders Trophy

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For the third year in a row Charlotte Dujardin is test rider at the final for the 4 year old horses at Swedish Breeders Trophy at Flyinge.

10 young horses were qualified for today’s testing. Even though the qualities were somewhat limited from the preliminary round, Dujardin just manage to get the best out of every single horse, and at the same explaining and commenting all the time about what she feels and likes and where she sees the abilities and weaknesses.

From the first part two horses were showing super qualities, the first horse by Blue Hors Don Romantic / Hohenstein. Lovely frame, easy and quick off the ground, super nice contact, scoring 8,5 for ride ability and 9,0 for potential. And then a smaller mare by Skovens Rafael / Quaterback with a bit of not so clear contact, but superb engine and willingness to work combined with lightness for the gaits, as Dujardin prefers, and with the comment we already know from Dujardin “I wanna take her home”.

2nd part with the stallion Demand by Ampere / Blue Hors Don Schufro. Some of the comments from Dujardin during her ride “Great qualities of the transitions, very even in the contact and not “man like” at all, really really impressive - by far my best ride, and big applause for the rider”. (Yvonne Österholm).

Just some of the comments from Dujardin about Springbank II VH “like getting in a Rolls Royce cruising, I just don’t know what to say that´s incredible, love love love him, his the best 4 year old I’ve ever sat on, 10 is just not enough, I give Severo a 10, and I give the breeder a 10, Springbank is my ideal man”.