The 35 best Danish Warmblood Young Horses ready for Herning 2019


Sezuan offsprings shines for this years ability test

33 horses are qualified with more than 800 points from 4 different regions, and in addition 2 horses with 800 points are qualified, one with highest score for capacity/potential 8,5 and one with highest score for rideability 8,5, both horses ridden by Silje Bakken. All other 800 points horses are equal with 8,0 for both rideability and capacity.

Top score nationwide is Elverhøjs Raccolto with Meike Lang with 920 points.

A total of 15 offsprings qualified for the final are by Sezuan. And 3 out of 4 winners from the regions are by Sezuan.

Qualified from region 7:

Qualified from region 4:

Qualified from region 5:

Qualified from region 2:

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