Isabell Werth with Emilio winner of CDI4 Grand Prix today in Stuttgart

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.05.18.png

Isabell Werth with Emilio was first to go this morning at Stuttgart German Masters

Normally you never see Werth with start no 1, but this morning she was first to go, and she performed a strong test with just a single technical issue in the two times.

H2R comments during the test:

Emilio GER - super start, lovely expressive diagonal in super balance, nice half passes, nice halt rein back, supple extension, super transition to passage, nice passage, good piaffe with good transition, small tensions for extended walk could stretch more, good collected walk, super transition to passage, easy 2nd piaffe with smooth transitions, super into canter, error 2 begin 2 times, nice extended canter, well balanced zigzag, nice 1 times, super pirouettes, 2nd bit bigger, lack bit more clear flow for transition to trot, super diagonal, super nice final centerline. Super halt. 77,739%

2nd today was Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with Zaire, showing a strong test without any technical issues.

3rd was Dorothee Schneider with her just 10 year old Faustus. The over all picture is light and easy.

H2R comments:

Faustus GER - super halt, small lack of beat for diagonal, nice flow for half passes, nice halt with rein back, super nice extended trot, nice passage lack bit power for 1st part, nice piaffe and transition, nice walk tour, small disturb for transition to passage, nice 2nd piaffe tour, nice flow 2 times, good extended canter, nice balanced zig-zag, good 1 times, bit stocked unbalanced 1st pirouette, better 2nd bit bigger, good transition, nice diagonal, nice passage, small lack of impuls into final piaffe, good final passage. 73,348%

See the entire results here.