The piaffe machine for today's World Cup freestyle victory

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Bella Rose and Werth with strong performance and still room for improvement

Not much to add, but this makes dressage so much fun to watch.

Comments during the test for Bella Rose and Isabell Werth:

Bella Rose GER - wauw full piaffe pirouette start at the centerline, better extended trot today more forward relaxed flow, coming back from power extension up into passage, ease and uphill lightness for half passes, super walk tour, transition to piaffe on the spot, bit tense picture for canter now, pirouettes lack bit more sit, error 2 times, super active 1 times, going from power extension again to passage, piaffe pirouette like a machine - just put in the coin and do the stuff. 85,710%

Sammy Davis Jr and Dorothee Schneider placed 2nd today (81,840%) and Damsay FRH with Helen Langehanenberg 3rd (81,470%) - super close with Blue Hors Zepter and Daniel Bachmann Andersen 4th (81,190%).

From the sideline it did definitely not look as if Sammy Davis Jr and Dorothee was able to push Daniel and Zepter off today’s podium. And what a World Cup debut for this young combination.

Comments during test for Blue Hors Zepter and Daniel Bachmann Andersen:

Blue Hors Zepter DEN - strong start extended trot, super passage, small lack of balance piaffe turn at C, lovely half pass, nice piaffe turn at A super sit, uphill power half pass, easy passage with nice piaffe and smooth transition into a very nice walk tour, good canter pirouette small step to the side at end, super nice pirouette small step out with parallel hind, super 2 times, looked a bit like Daniel was asking for 1 times and "late" reply from Zepter but successful series, small stumble final extended trot, bit tense piaffe turn, super halt. 81,190%

Further down today’s list

Daily Mirror with Benjamin Werndl showed great form and the over all picture is an effortless test with a happy athlete.

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén and her Don Auriello showed strong form for the trot tour, lacking bit more power for canter today.

Cathrine Dufour with her young Bohemian became a bit hot today, but this is a horse for the very big future.

Comments during test for Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour:

Bohemian DEN - super start, lovely passage work, piaffe is super, half turn in piaffe super balanced, becomes slight behind the vertical for some moments, super nice passage half pass to trot half pass, good walk, nice canter pirouette, loosing the canter and does not show her 2 times line, small error in extended canter, good 1 times, joker line with 2 times, small tension hind for begin, strong piaffe pirouette, passage towards final halt. 73,620%

(putting it all together they will be world leaders - comments from FEI-tv commentator John Kyle)

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