First Dutch stallion competition with Jameson RS2 (video), Imposantos and Hermes as winners

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 19.44.55.png

4 year old Jameson RS2 by Blue Hors Zack / Negro with Marieke van der Putten in the saddle continues his success. Yesterday winning with a total score of 92 points - walk 8,5 - trot 9,0 - canter 10 - harmony 9,0 - total impression 9,5. (From H2R point of view the 10 for the canter is not as obvious as rewarded).

5 year old Imposantos by Wynton / Krack C with Bart Veeze winner with 89 points - walk 9,0 - trot 9,0 - canter 8,5 - harmony 9,0 - total impression 9,0. (From H2R point of view over all picture is lacking more lightness and self carriage).

6 year old Hermes by Easy Game / Flemmingh with Dinja van Liere winner with 87 points. Unfortunately it was not possible to hear the individual marks. But an over all very nice balanced test, showing very nice half passes and super easy flying changes.

See the entire results here.