W & W were shining for today's SAAB Top 10 dressage in Stockholm

Werth and Weihegold were shining today in Friends Arena in Stockholm

Friends Arena in Stockholm is not just a huge arena seen from our point of view, you could really feel the big atmosphere even for the very experienced field of horses today.

While Isabell Werth has been focusing on Bella Rose for the World Championships Weihegold OLD have had a nice competition break.

Today Weihe looked top motivated and fit for the big job. Ears pricked all the way and quick and sharp responding to the signals from Werth. And it was also a very confident Werth after her test ready for the freestyle tomorrow.

Strong tests for personal Best day

Dorothee Schneider and Sammy Davis Jr. just dances through the demanding Grand Prix today. Super timing all the way, the only weak point is the walk tour, where Sammy Davis lacking more suppleness and over track. PB with 78,196% (former PB 78,120% Salzburg 12/2012).

For the “host” Patrik Kittel is was comeback with Delaunay OLD as they haven’t been out since April. Super motivated showing great form with PB 77,652% (former PB 75,413% Göteborg 02/2018).

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio and Daniel Bachmann Andersen also with personal best 76.500%, as their former best was from Herning in October with 75,543%. It was a top motivated and powerful Don O ready for the work, and for the canter tour it became for some moments a bit too hot, but Daniel still manage to control the situation with just at few minor issues. Of course Daniel was very pleased with his young boy after today, and at the same time he also told that he was looking forward for tomorrows Grand Prix freestyle, where he hopes Don O has settled a bit more for the canter tour.