Top sport, top audience and top price money

Sweden International Horse Show - a top event

You don’t have to be present to feel the great atmosphere in Friends Arena in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

A huge program for all the days, and a great way not just with tough competition, but different ways to see the International riders, being a part of this huge event over the days, with both commentating and different games.

This morning with a packed arena on the grandstands and the audience were really supportive for every single combination.

Of course there is a huge organisation behind Sweden International Horse Show, but the main man behind SAAB Top 10 is for sure Patrik Kittel. He is the man behind the idea making an attractive top event where the best riders in the world will take part, have fun and at the same time fight for the big price money.

And to the question about how Kittel feels right now after the show “I feel so tired, but it is all worth it - an unreal cool show.”

The price money

A total sum of 2,5 mio Swedish Kroner, about 250.000 euros, with 73.000 euros for the winner of the freestyle, and with price money for all competitors.

The sport

The sport was outstanding from placement as no 10 up to the top of the field.

H2R comments during the competition:

Weihegold OLD GER - BIG smile for the final centerline from Werth, standing ovation and applauding audience for the final meters. You sometimes get in doubt if it is Werth following the music or the music following Werth - top harmony.

Delaunay OLD SWE - Kittel just nailed it with a super smooth test, top motivated Delaunay. Kittel is the KING of freestyle.

Sammy Davis Jr GER - super smooth test with lovely lightness and expression. The music suits very well all the way, just makes you smile, lean back and enjoy.

Damsey FRH GER - super test, lots of power and control without any technical issues, lovely balance and quality for the pirouettes, and of course the outstanding walk tour. Super nice harmony, small issues coming back from final extension at the diagonal. Super halts.

Don Auriello SWE - tense halt, but strong test and collecting a lot of valuable point for the canter tour, super on music with high degree of difficulty. Powerful final with super piaffe turn into extended trot. 

Dante Weltino OLD SWE - bit difficult start as Dante gets a bit stocked from 1st piaffe. Catching up very well during the test, but some moments tense for series and piaffe tours today.

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio DEN - super nice supple trot tour with lovely half passes, good passage and piaffe tour, and piaffe turns, nice walk tour, small error for first 1 times but successful for the joker line, final center line lacking a bit more power and looks like Don O becomes a bit behind the aides (small misunderstandings). 

Cennin NED - strong test without any technical issues, much better overall picture today even though still lacking more self carriage and lightness in the riders hands.

Wall Street SWE - start with a lot of tensions, but Juliette manage very well and settles very well during the test today.

Glocks Zonik NED - strong trot tour with nice piaffe/passage tours, lost balance out of 1st double pirouette, small error for 1st series of two times but succeeded with joker line. Slight smaller changes to right for 1 times.

See the entire results here.