Two intensive KWPN days comes up - starting tomorrow at 8:00

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Wednesday and today Thursday has been with the jumping stallions at Brabant Halle in s´Hertogenbosch, and tomorrow Friday and Saturday the dressage stallions will be in the spot light. 


  • From 8.00 to 14.30 presentation of stallions selected for 2nd round, with subsequent selected or not selected for 3rd round. 
  • 15.25 third round viewing of stallions.
  • 17.25 presentation of 2017 licensed stallions. 
  • 18.15 final of stallion competitions.
  • 21.35 clinic with Diederik van Silfhout with KWPN stallion Expression.
  • 22.35 "Glock for Gold" - presentation of Glock´s Dream Boy and Glock´s Zonik. 


  • From 8.00 to 12.55 presentation of stallions selected for 2nd round, with subsequent selected or not selected for 3rd round. 
  • 14.50 third round of viewing of stallions.
  • 17.10 Championship licensing (stallions selected for premium ring)
  • 17.40 KWPN Select Sale (auction)
  • 20.30 Show 

H2R will try to keep a sharp eye for the best stallions and of course catch up on the "best" selected from the 1st round. 

See H2R favorites here below: 

From the gelder stallions selected no 655 by Dante Weltino / Parcival shows extra power and suppleness, eventhough he is not with the most modern type.

KWPN stallions:

No 611 by Sezuan / Wynton - brings both format, suppleness and power.

No 326 by Bordeaux / Ferro - bit closed frame but showing lots of power of the ground.

No 380 by Dream Boy / Krack C - a lovely modern look with suppleness.

No 520 by Glamourdale / UB40 - big framed impressive stallion with power and suppleness.

No 357 by Dark Pleasure / Gribaldi - superb type, long legged, open frame active from behind. 

No 358 by Dark Pleasure / Johnson - light footed, active from behind with nice strong top line. 

No 545 by Ferguson / Vivaldi - big framed expressive uphill mover. Lovely open lines.

No 553 by Governor / Rousseau - top modern light mover with nice angle from behind. 

No 558 by Governor / Johnson - natural mover, nice uphill frame, lack bit more stallion look.

No 627 by Wynton / Negro - beautiful type, very nice topline, and supple mover. 

No 475 by Franklin / Sir Donnerhall I - modern lightfooted and well moving.

No 411 by Expression / Oscar, super modern, lightfooted, uphill frame, nice topline, supple mover.

No 414 by Expression / Ferro, supple mover, large frame, lack bit more stallion expression. 

No 584 by Johnson / Münchhausen, very expressive with lovely stallion look, well moving.

No 385 by El Capone / Ferrobeautiful uphill frame, stallion look, supple sharp Ferro hind legs. 

No 316 by Zack / Krack C, long legged uphill frame, nice topline, big frame. 

No 534 by Glock´s Toto Jr / Ferroshowing much power of the ground, uphill frame.