CDI3 Grand Prix Special victory for Danish Lotte Skjærbæk with Danish Warmblood stallion Skovens Rafael

Lotte Skjærbæk and Skovens Rafael at today´s pricegivning in Sopot - photo credit:

Lotte Skjærbæk and Skovens Rafael at today´s pricegivning in Sopot - photo credit:

69,085% victory today for the Danish combination Lotte Skjærbæk with 14 year old Skovens Rafael by Romanov / Schufro in Sopot, Polen.

The live streaming from the event is just a steady camera at the end by A, so unfortunately it needed a bit more than a sharp eye to follow the entire test. 

H2R caught Lotte and her husband Per on their way the to airport, where Lotte told that she had very nice and smooth trot / passage tours in nice balance, good half passes, superb extended walk where one of the judges gave a 9,0. Nice piaffe tours with good transitions, small tensions for two times, and unfortunately the start of the 15 one times were missing today. The 9 one times were nice but unfortunately Lotte loose a bit of impulsion for the final pirouette. Nice final centerline with the best piaffe today. Overall Lotte was of course please with her victory but is also annoyed about her missing 15 one times.

It was the first time Lotte was in Sopot. The polish rider Przemyslaw Kozanowski made sure that the stay for the entire team around Rafael was top quality.

Germany´s Johnny Hilberath is trainer for Przemyslaw Kozanowski and he does also coach Lotte and Rafael ocationally, so the event at Sopot was a nice possibility for Hilberath to follow the Danish combination during an event. 

In yesterday´s Grand Prix Lotte and Rafael came 5th with error by one times and one of the pirouettes. 

Now Skovens Rafael and two grooms are on their way back to Denmark, while Lotte and her husband will meet their two sons in Munich for a well deserved holiday on ski.