2 days stallion performance test - worth a view for all breeders

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Only the best is good enough

A lot of breeders are active following the stallions from pre-selection, licensing and stallion shows, but the very best impression and clear picture of the stallions is either from daily training, or as you now have the possibility to follow them at the 2 days performance test.

The lists are long and there are more wellknown young stallions, but far from all of them brings the top qualities under the rider. 

4 year old stallions with clear winner

Dante Quando by Dante Weltino / Fidertanz / De Niro shown by Eva Möller with a lovely easy well balanced test and also with lot of praise from the judging team. 

De Beau by De Niro / Sandro Hit / Don Schufro was lacking some more clear push and strength for the trot work from H2R point of view. 

5 year old 

Highlights today: 

For Emotion by Foundation / Sandro Hit / Rockwell with Helgstrand Dressage rider Simone Pearce in the saddle ones again impressed with his powerful and top balanced movements - in all 3 gaits. Today the contact / accept of the bridle was just lacking for a few moments, but his abilities for the future are just obvious. 

Dimitroff MT by Dimaggio / Brentano II / Weltmeyer shown by Laura Strobel. Nice supple modern type, good contact and obedient all the way. Superb walk. 

Bonds by Calleho´s Benicio / Sir Donnerhall I shown by Beatrice Buchwald. Superb presentation in lovely balance all the way. From H2R point of view he could push more clear under his body especially for the trot. 

Marc Cain by Millenium / Don Primero / Leibniz shown by Kristina Bröring-Sprehe. Good balance and activity for the trot, still lacking a bit more shoulder freedom, superb well balanced quality canter, good active walk. Nice frame and good harmony. 

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 is the part with test rider and subsequent marks.