Top score for Bonds at today´s final day at 2 days stallion performance test, but For Emotion was the winner

This morning the 2-days performance test for the stallions started at 8:00 with the 5 year old stallions. Test rider today was Phillip Hess. 

The team about the test of the stallions with Oliver Oelrich in the lead wanted to catch up on yesterday´s issues when testing. 

For Emotion in a league of his own

"That´s not the most difficult job to do comments about a horse like this, when we have a dynamic and talented mover like For Emotion", was the first words about For Emotion from the judging team after today´s test riding part. 

"In trot always in a very clear beat, always uphill, very nice correspondance between front legs and hind legs, very active also from behind. In the front he is a Champion and brings this quality from behind too. Easy to make longer and shorter, short and exact a clear 10 for the trot. The canter is very nice uphill, seen from the side he could be a bit lower hind (bit crop high) for the canter, and here like for the trot he shows huge potential for collection - 9,0. The beginning of the walk was a bit tense, but became very good, bit higher in the front legs - 8,2. For the ride ability from the test rider and his qualities and obedience, how easy he was to change frame - 9,5 and a clear 9,5 for the potential" were some of the comments from the judges - total score of 9,24. 

Bonds was for a couple of moments showing a bit tension today, and from H2R point of view not quite the comments for the trot as seen from the side line, as you could still wish for a bit more clear push under the body with the hind legs. But no doubt this is a super quality stallion. 


Skærmbillede 2018-02-15 kl. 15.25.42.png
Skærmbillede 2018-02-15 kl. 15.25.46.png