Personal best for Damsey FRH and Helen Langehanenberg today in CDI-W Grand Prix at Neumünster (video of the entire class)

Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack - photo credit:

Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack - photo credit:

World Cup in Neumünster this weekend is last competition for Helen Langehanenberg before baby pause, as she is expecting her 2nd child. 

Watch her winning 78,043% test today together with Damsey FRH. 

H2R comments about top 3 during their tests

Winner Helen Langehanenberg - Damsey FRH 78,043%:

Expressive diagonal, lack bit carriage for half passes, good halt with rein back, super nice 1st passage/piaffe/passage, superb extended walk, small disturb collected walk, solid canter tour, superb balanced high quality pirouettes, very nice final centerline.

Placed 2nd Dorothee Schneider - Sammy Davis Jr, 76,739%: 

Power and controlled diagonal, easy half passes, bit tense rein back, nice 1st piaffe, bit short extended walk, super smooth 2nd passage/piaffe/passage, ok series becomes a bit in the hand at the end, lack more bend for 1st pirouette, error ch at X with 3 one times, super nice final.

Move the timeline at the Youtube video to 2:39:00 to watch the test.

Placed 3rd Daniel Bachmann Andersen - Blue Hors Zack 74,739%:

Superb halt, power diagonal, supple nice crossing half passes, open halt for rein back, nice transition to passage, good passage bit forward piaffe, nice walk tour, forward 2nd piaffe, power 2 times, active zig-zag bit unbalanced, bit short frame for 1 times, huge sit for pirouettes, 2nd with good balance, good timing for final lack bit more steps for piaffe. 

Note: When having the piaffe tours more at the spot, it will easy become a +75% test.

Move the timeline at the Youtube video to 2:49:00 to watch the test. 

You can find comments about all combinations today at Horse2rider Facebook page. 

See the results of the entire Grand Prix here.