Governor sons with nice qualities and surprisingly Glamourdale / UB40 was not selected for 3rd round

4 stallions selected for championship ring: 

357 - Dark Pleasure / Gribaldi - looks like a Champion

376 - Dream Boy / Kennedy 

454 - Ferguson / Vivaldi

553 - Governor / Rousseau 

No further participation for Glamourdale / UB40 stallion

The lack of lunging of the stallions might have been the reason why the big framed stallion by Glamourdale / UB40 was not selected. 

Interesting to compare this licensing with the recent licensing in Munich where both a Fahrenheit and a Sezuan son were lacking some balance when showing them free, but as soon as they were shown by the lunging it was clear that they were both very nice balanced with good selfcarriage  for the riding frame.