Some confusion about the ranking after the CDI3 Grand Prix freestyle at Herning Sunday

Mai Tofte Olesen and Rustique - photo credit: H2R

Mai Tofte Olesen and Rustique - photo credit: H2R

When sitting at the arena watching the freestyle and saw the final results came up first without third placed German Bernadette Brune with Lights of Londonderry, and then some minutes later including her at the scoreboard, it of course made some confusion about what was really going on. 

The fact is that Bernadette did not show up to the subsequent pricegiving, and according to the FEI rules you must take part in the pricegivning when placed as this is also a part of the competition, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Instead Danish Mai Tofte Olesen with Rustique stepped up and got the last placement as no 5 in the Grand Prix freestyle, unfortunately without being celebrated by her home crowd.  

See the results here.