A huge CDI4 Grand Prix class at Lier - home soil win for Jorinde Verwimp with her Olympic horse Tiamo

35 combinations at start for today´s Grand Prix

The class started at 15:15 and last combination had start time at 21:52, between with two normal breaks and a dinner break for 45 minutes. 

Local Jorinde Verwimp with Tiamo did not surpricing take the victory. During her test they had some minor issues with the letters at the corners away from the judges tables. The first half pass to right was lacking some more clear flow and balance while the left one becomes with better flow. The piaffe and passage tours were at a good level with nice steps and activity. Final transition at M is late. Well deserved victory with 73,217%.

2nd was the powerful Lusitano mare Batuta with Spanish Sergio Martin Palos in the saddle. No techinal issues, but a bit of tensions for some moments and you could wish for a bit more open neck. 

Two Danish combinations

Charlotte Heering has her now 17 year old Joker Selection back in the arena after a very long break suffering from lamenitis. He looked top fit. They start out with a not so good entering halt but from there they manage well, just with a couple of extra changes between the pirouettes. Unfortunately Joker seems to find it enough when going into the final piaffe where he rears and does not show the piaffe. Very expensive final. 

Lone Bang Larsen and Bakkely´s Onandt were ready for their international Grand Prix debut and they were well prepared from a couple of successful Danish shows. But the fact that the corner where the VIP tables are, just a the moment when Lone was riding, were cleaned from the dinner buffet, was just too much for Onandt to keep him focused on the job in the arena. So all the way with every single exercise going into that corner/area was unfortunately not successful. 

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