Danielle Hijnkoop with Daula winner of Prix Sct. Georg at Lier in Belgium

Danish Nanna Merrald with Gørklintgårds Quater Boy - photo credit: Mikkel-m.com/H2R

Danish Nanna Merrald with Gørklintgårds Quater Boy - photo credit: Mikkel-m.com/H2R

The 10 year old chestnut mare Daula by Gribaldi with Dutch Danielle Hijnkoop show a smooth and supple trot tour in a lovely frame, good walk with a bit big pirouettes, good canter tour with more relaxation as we saw then last time. Well balanced canter pirouettes and the series were ok, but with a couple of changes a bit small hind. Final winner score 72,941%.

2nd was Belgium Olympian rider Jorinde Verwimp with 8 yr old gelding Kastar Hof Ter Zeedy. They were show a nice active trot tour with nice supple half passes. The collected walk becomes a bit tense in the body while the extended walk was shown with super nice relaxation and over track. Good quality of the canter, unfortunately both canter pirouettes are lacking a bit more collection and balance, and after the first pirouette Kastar changes un the way out but Jorinde manage to correct him. Nice series. Score 71,441%.

Best placed Danish combination became the new Blue Hors rider Nanna Merrald with Gørklintgårds Quater Boy. They were placed as no 5 with 69,853% for their international debut today. Super expressive and well balanced trot tour with supple half passes and lovely balance for both volte. Good collected walk and unfortunately Quater Boy loose a step for the first walk pirouette, the extended walk lack bit more relaxation and over the back. Super smooth canter tour with nice balanced pirouettes and very nice expressive series. 

Danish Charlotte Heering and her 12 year old blank mare Pearl Black by Painted Black / Negro did their international debut scoring 68,441% placed as no 8. Starting with a bit open halt, nice flow in the trot tour but showing a bit of tensions, at the end of extended trot at the diagonal. Bit of tension for the walk pirouettes as the extended walk could show a bit more relaxation. Super sit for pirouettes with good balance, small change after 2nd pirouette. By the 3 times Black Pearl take the last change by herself after just 2 strides. 

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