Descriptions from the 10-day observation test March 2018 - Danish Warmblood

Ferrari OLD now also licensed for Danish Warmblood - photo credit: H2R

Ferrari OLD now also licensed for Danish Warmblood - photo credit: H2R

As a lot of the stallions from Danish Warmblood licensing attracts a lot of interest from abroad, you can now also find the descriptions in English.

You can find descriptions of all stallions for 10-day observation test here, including final approval of the 6 year old Ferrari OLD. 

About the 10-day observation test

This test is held in the spring right after the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show and is an observation test lasting 10 days. The test is open to young colts approved for testing and approved 4-year-olds that have not passed a performance test before.

In the test period the colts are exercised lightly in accordance with acknowledged principles of educating young riding horses.

The stallions are observed for stereotypics during handling and general management in the stable. 

The exercise includes riding but not jumping under saddle.

No scores are given and there is no final test. The breeding commission and the station test manager decide in concert which colts have passed the test successfully. The breeding commission follows the colts at the day of arrival, a few of the days during the test and on the last day of the test.

After the test a description of each young breedsire prospect is written.

The purpose of the observation test is to filter the stallions with bad temper or other for breedsires undesirable characteristics. The young colts that have passed the 10-day observation test are given permission to cover within the same year.