Superb 75,5% national debut victory at S-level for Fürsten-Look with Isabel Freese today at Zeutern (video)

Super work really paid off this weekend for Isabel Freese with breeding stallion Fürsten-Look

The just 7 year old Fürsten-Look did really start the 2018 season with style, winning two national competitions this weekend at Zeutern - the last a S-test with impressive 75,5%. 

Super smooth powerful trot tour in a lovely bouncy balance all the way. Nice crossing for the half passes and easy well balanced voltes. Nice transition to walk, still in front of the riders aides (which became a small issue the other day). Marching walk tour with nice relaxation for the extended walk tour using the entire body. Nice collected walk but could show a bit more collection for the pirouettes - but still in a good rhythm. Smooth canter tour showing good qualities for the half pirouettes and both series with nice flow. 

This combination does for sure look like a serious "player" for both Nürnberger Burg Pokal and World Championships for Young Horses 2018. 


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