Verdades and Graves sharper than Weihegold and Werth at today´s World Cup final Grand Prix

Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack, Danish Championships 2017 - photo credit: H2R

Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zack, Danish Championships 2017 - photo credit: H2R

One big miss out for H2R prediction for today´s top 5 was Swedish Patrik Kittel with Deja. And also underestimated Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Unee BB. Verdades and Weihegold as predicted in the top battle, while Glock´s Zonik was lacking the last routine, and Blue Hors Zack with Daniel Bachmann Andersen showed great form and finished as no 6.

H2R top 5 before today´s class:

(9)Glock´s Zonik
(4)Sammy Davis Jr
(6)Blue Hors Zack 

H2R comments during the Grand Prix

Verdades USA - open halt, power extended trot, super supple half passes, super nice halt rein back, extended trot smooth, bit tension for 1st passage/piaffe/passage tour, good walk, nice transition to passage, ditto 2nd piaffe/passage, super nice 2 times but bit rolling canter rhythm, supple zig-zag, big changes 1 times but could show more airtime, good sit for pirouettes, power extended trot, hot final piaffe, want to make final halt bit early but kept on.

Weihegold OLD GER - small tension halt, bit hold back extended trot, good half passes lack bit expression, bit tense rein back, 1st part of 1st passage bit tense hind, superb piaffe including sharp transitions, 2nd part passage super, good walk, nice 2nd piaffe/passage tour, small tension transition to canter, nice 2 times, change going into extended canter, lost balance a bit for zig-zag, error 1 times, super nice pirouettes, more like medium trot for final extended trot, sharp final, open halt.

Unee BB GER - good start, zig-zag bit unbalanced in the contact, lack bit more clear forward search for 1st piaffe, good walk tour, not clear transition into passage, ditto 2nd piaffe, dropping pole a bit for 2 times, lack bit uphill for zig-zag, becomes bit hind for both pirouettes, a bit take self turns, good final centerline. 

Sammy Davis Jr GER - super halt, ups bit small steps forward, lovely easy diagonal, nice flow for half passes, bit tense halt for rein back, travelling a bit for piaffe, nice bouncy passage, bit short walk, good 2nd piaffe, good 2 times, good zig-zag, nice 1 times, stays a bit down in the hand for the pirouettes, expressive diagonal, lost trot a bit for turn into the centerline, bit forward final piaffe.

Deja SWE - power expressive start, nice balance for zig-zag, lovely reach/crossing, super extended trot, nice transition to passage, piaffe on the spot small unbalance at the end, super relaxation for extended walk, good collected walk, super transition to passage, bit tense 2nd piaffe, nice 2 times, full risk extended canter, small unbalanced zig-zag, good 1 times, good pirouettes, super extended trot, bit tense piaffe super nice passage final.

Blue Hors Zack DEN - good halt, super extended trot, nice smooth zig-zag trot, bit unbalanced halt with rein back, nice extended trot, nice passage and good transition in and out of piaffe, very nice walk tour, good into passage, nice transitions and good 2nd piaffe, good transition to canter, super 2 times, bit concervative extended canter, good zig-zag, super big 1 times, nice pirouettes, good extended trot, travelling forward final piaffe, super halt. 74,130%