Sunny Aachen Dressage Days has started today with two CDI3 Grand Prix classes today

Skærmbillede 2018-04-17 kl. 16.09.37.png

Grand Prix for Grand Prix freestyle

Today´s winner Finnish Henri Rouste with the 13 year old Roccabar by Riedinger / Compliment. Supple expressive big mover, for a few moments a bit unbalanced for the trot tour, but without any technical errors. The piaffe tours becomes a bit wide hind, but at the same time lovely expression from the side showing his long supple frontlegs. Score 71,413%.

Diavolessa VA with Tatyana Kosterina were placed 3rd with 69,696% and showed a solid test without any major issues. A bit more power and expression would for sure also be reflected positively at the scoreboard. 

Sascha Schultz and his portuguese stallion Dragao were placed as no 5 with 69,109%. Unfortunately the overall picture becomes a bit about dropping the pole. At the entering halt Dragao becomes behind the verticle, but still a clear 7 from all the judges. Sascha manage quite well for the trot tour to keep him up (but not out with the nose, but still ok up), but for the entire canter tour except the pirouettes, Dragao becomes very short in the neck and drops the pole for most of the time. 

No 15 today was Adelinde Cornelissen with Zephyr. It became a test with more spooky moments and unfortunately also with today´s biggest differences between the judges, as the Danish judge Lone Dichmann saw the test at 69% and German Katrina Wüst saw the test at 61%.

Finished as no 16 were Fabienne Lütkemeier and Fiero. They were struggling with the piaffe tours today as they were just missing implusion, beat and activity. 

See the entire results here.