Cathrine Dufour and her just 8 year old Bohemian winner of CDI3 Grand Prix debut (video)

Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour - Equitour 2017. Photo credit: H2R

Bohemian and Cathrine Dufour - Equitour 2017. Photo credit: H2R

A huge CDI3 Grand Prix class today at Aalborg Dressage Event with 25 combinations at start. During the test the Danish weather seems to become quite tough with a lot of wind. And for the last combinations Charlotte Haid-Bøndergaard and her experienced Roberto des Frettes it just became too hard at the end of the canter tour, unfortunately "destroyed" more exercises. 

At home soil the Danish combinations showed great strength, and Danish top rider Cathrine Dufour showed her just 8 year old Bohemian by Bordeaux for the first time at international level. 

Dufour brings her great experience for this young boy into the international arena with best possible outcome. A few moments during the test where it was obvious that this is very new soil for Bohemian, and that the buttons are not yet fully adjusted. Of course Cathrine was very proud of her young partner, and told about her final centerline where Bohemian is convinced about the final halt at X. "Today´s it just felt more like tensions for the final halt instead of a proper piaffe",  Dufour said with a big smile. 

With today´s debut this combination could be a very interesting card for the upcoming Nations Cup at Equitour, Uggerhalne, DEN late May. 

Bohemian DEN - superb halt, bit running extended trot, nice balanced half passes, superb halt with rein back, smooth transition to expressive passage easy into nice active piaffe, super passage, extended walk could be more free, nice collected walk, ditto 2nd piaffe, error 2 times, good control zigzag, nice 1 times, superb sit and elasticity for pirouettes- wow centering 2nd pirouette, small misunderstanding for final piaffe.

Enjoy their test below in this news.

2nd today was another great Danish combination Lone Bang Larsen and Bakkely´s Onandt. Lone Bang has for sure also the experience bringing a young star into the international level, and here she has a very interesting card for the future.

2 - Bakkely’s Onandt DEN - good power, nice balance swing for half passes, not steady halt and tense rein back, small canter for extended trot, nice expression for passage good 1st piaffe, good walk tour, much forward 2nd piaffe, nice 2 times, bit unbalanced zigzag, nice 1 times, nice control/quality for pirouettes, good final.

British Emma Hindle might be this fields most experienced rider, and she bring her very talented Romanov daughter Romy de Sol. No doubt about the talent, but until today the road has been a bit difficult as Romy is a mare with a kind of "sensitive behavior" in the ring, but today Emma managed very well, although there is still room for improvement. 

3 - Romy del Sol GBR - less is more. Emma Hindle must be pleased with her test today. The hot lady Romy behaved very well all the way today with just some minor issues, lovely suppleness for the trot tour, easy light piaffe and expressive passage, bit hold back walk tour and well managed canter tour. 

Carina Cassøe Krüth and May-Day Graftebjerg - Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Carina Cassøe Krüth and May-Day Graftebjerg - Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Danish pro rider Carina Cassøe Krüth with May-Day Graftebjerg showed nice test today also with improvements. The "former issues" for Carina and May-Day has been about the series, and today they managed without any mistakes. Overall picture is easy and light with nice suppleness and nice contact.

4 - May-Day Graftebjerg DEN - good start with nice light expression, good half passes, good extended trot, nice transitions and easy piaffe, good passage, good walk, ditto 2 piaffe, tense transition to canter, good 2 times, good zigzag, bit swing tense 1 times, 2nd pirouette with nice control and balance, nice extended trot, good final piaffe, bit unbalanced out of piaffe.

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