De Niro sons in top of today´s CDI4 Grand Prix for freestyle at Hagen

Today´s big tour from Hagen showed a lot of qualities in the top of the field. Lovely following the entire test, and of course making a bit of comments (mentioned below in italic writing).

Desperados and Kristina Bröring-Sprehe winner of today´s Grand Prix with 79,109%, where the scoreboard ones again seemed a bit too hot.

1 - Desperados FRH GER-good start, strong extension, nice balanced half passes, bit forward 1st piaffe nice activity, good walk tour, bit unbalanced into 2nd piaffe bit forward, extended canter with unbalanced change, nice zigzag, good series, huge sit and control for pirouettes but could be a bit smaller, side picture of passage with some smaller tensions.

Deep Impact and Severo Jurado Lopez - Equitour 2017. Photo credit: H2R

Deep Impact and Severo Jurado Lopez - Equitour 2017. Photo credit: H2R

Lovely to see Spains top rider Severo and Deep Impact back in the "game" showing top qualities, and for sure a very strong card for the Spanish team for this years WEG in Tryon. 

2 - Deep Impact ESP  - power expressive extension, small tension between half passes, nice flow go, superb halt with rein back, power into passage, nice bit forward piaffe good transitions, nice relaxation for walk, 2nd piaffe nice active, nice 2 times, bit unbalanced zigzag, nice 1 times, bit unbalanced into 1st pirouette, 2nd bit turned, smooth extended trot, power final. 

3 - Delaunay OLD SWE - expressive trot tour, nice balanced all the way, good walk tour but at the end Dude gets a bit excited, but routined Kittel picks up the passage a bit early, nice passage /piaffe tours with smooth transitions. Solid well balanced canter tour.

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio and Daniel Bachmann Andersen, Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Blue Hors Don Olymbrio and Daniel Bachmann Andersen, Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Ones again Daniel is very well prepared - this time with the young Blue Hors Don Olymbrio. It looks like that Daniel knows his horses so well, and at the same time brings his own experience and confidence into the ring, also showing Olymbrio with maximum output today. 

4 - Blue Hors Don Olymbrio DEN - power start, active half passes nice uphill, bit unbalanced rein back, nice extended trot into passage, bit cautious 1st piaffe forward, good walk, 2nd piaffe more settled at the spot, expressive 2 times, power extended canter, nice balanced zigzag, nice 1 times, 1st pirouette lack bit more canter, 2nd with nice balance, power extended trot, nice passage, bit few final piaffe steps.

5 - D’Agostino GER - 18 year young, power trot, supple half passes, good 1st trot tour, good walk, 2nd piaffe slightly off the hand, nodding a bit, power 2 times, extended canter power, balanced zigzag, super 1 times, 1st pirouette lack bit more carriage hind, 2nd better, easy final.

6 - TSF Dalera BB GER - power balanced extended trot, active half passes in nice balance, super halt with rein back, smooth transition to passage, small forward 1st piaffe, lovely sit, bit tense collected walk, lovely easy 2nd piaffe, lost 1st change and 2nd last for zigzag, nice series, nice control for pirouettes, transition through walk, canter for final extended trot, nice final.

See the entire results here.