TSF Dalera BB and Du Soleil winner of Grand Prix Special in Munich and Hamburg today

CDI5 Grand Prix Special in Munich

Super easy and effortless test with very light aides for every single exercise and at the same time super power all the way. Natural frame and light contact. Just a small issue by entering halt where Dalera shows some tensions. Well deserved 76,106% and it also looked like a very emotional Jessica leaving the arena as everything went into a higher level today. 

2nd is Anabel Balkenhol with Heuberger showing a bit of unbalanced moments today and lacking bit more natural forward flow. 

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CDI4 Grand Prix Special in Hamburg

Australian Kristy Oatley repeated the victory from the Grand Prix, today with a bit of tensions but still lots of qualities, and the Grand Prix Special is really at test for Du Soleil when Kristy is able to show it without errors. Entering halt becomes a bit unbalanced, super extensions and nice transitions, into the first piaffe Kristy has to ask for the piaffe, in the turn after the 2nd piaffe towards canter transition, Du Soleil jumps into canter as if it was for the Grand Prix transition, and the judge at C is really quick ringing the bell as if she was doing wrong route. Clear canter tour with just some minor tensions. It looks like Du Soleil felt the audience a bit more today. Final score 71,468%.

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