Strong Swedish team in the lead of CDIO5 after today´s Grand Prix - 2nd is Denmark (video of the entire GP class)

Skærmbillede 2018-05-19 kl. 20.05.08.png

79,696% for Danish Dufour and Cassidy

This score just shows how strong they actually are. And as Dufour said after her ride today: 

"I´m very pleased about our performance, as I did not ask for maximum at anytime today - it was a very nice feeling leaving the arena with a clear test knowing there is actually more to show". 

Entire Swedish team in Compeigne are students of Patrik Kittel

Kittel is a busy and successful man himself, and today he secured himself and his team the leader position in the CDIO5 competition, with strong test from Juliette Ramel and her extraordinary Buriel K.H. going into 2nd position for the individual ranking today, and the sister of Juliette, Antonia Ramel with Brother de Jeu into 5th position and Rose Matthiesen with Zuidenwind as no 7. 

H2R comments about top 3 tests today

1 - Atterupgaards Cassidy - Super entering halt, nice half passes, super halt with rein back, easy 1st piaffe / passage, super walk tour, nice 2nd piaffe / passage, small tension for transition to canter, nice 2 times, power extended canter, nice zig-zag, good 1 times, well balanced pirouettes, super final centerline.

2 - Buriel K.H - tense halt, good extended trot but bit tense, nice half passes, tense halt for rein back bit forward, active piaffe nice transitions, good walk, WOW 2nd piaffe / passage / transitions, strong canter tour with nice series, good zig-zag, 1st pirouette becomes too small an Buriel loosing the balance, 2nd pirouette is WOW with huge sit and balance, bit tense transition to trot, superb final centerline.

3 - Well Done de la Roche - tense halt, extended trot bit on the toes and lacking more let go, lovely light footed supple half passes, good halt for rein back bit tense rein back, super nice transition to passage, easy in and out of a good piaffe, nice expression for the passage, bit on the toes for the extended walk, good collected walk, super nice 2nd passage/piaffe/passage tour. Very strong canter tour with lovely series and well performed pirouettes, nice flow and go all the way, super nice final centerline, super straight and well balanced final.

H2R comments about the two other Danish team members

6 - Selten HW - Super start, power extension, nice half passes with good swing and balance, superb halt for rein back bit resistance for rein back, 1st piaffe bit forward and lack more steps, good extended walk, bit tense collected walk, tension hind for transition to passage (small kick), lack more clear rhythm for 2nd piaffe, error for 2 times, bit unbalanced zig-zag, one change for 1 times with parallel hind, super nice control and quality of both pirouettes, best piaffe at final centerline. 

18 - Michigan - super start with well balanced entering halt, straight out into trot, expressive power extension, good half passes with nice swing, not square halt for rein back, good transition to a nice passage, unfortunately very limited 1st piaffe tour as Michigan is only showing very small steps lacking elevation and activity, good walk tour with nice transition into a good passage, 2nd piaffe becomes a bit better, good transition to canter, very solid canter tour with nice big series, good zig-zag but pirouettes could be with more sit and centering, final piaffe becomes again very limited.

If you want to have a look at the entire class today you will find the link here below. For top 3 you must move the timeline. 

At 3:34.00 Atterupgaards Cassidy

At 3:07:40 Buriel K.H.

At 4.10.40 Well Done de la Roche.