Daula and Danielle Heijkoop winner of CDI3 Prix Sct. Georg at Equitour, Uggerhalne tonight

Beautiful weather for the first day of Equitour Aalborg 2018.

17 combinations at start for the first CDI3 competition today. Not unexpected is the elegant mare Daula by Gribaldi with Danielle Heijkoop showing a great test. Entering halt scoring 76% that was for sure today´s top start, and with a superb well balanced trot tour they just keep the 76% level, but after a less impressive walk tour the total score drops to 73,7%, 2nd walk pirouette becomes a bit big. For the canter tour there are a few issues with error by the change between the half passes and again an error for the 3 times, nice well performed canter pirouettes. At least the judging panel agreed about the level between 71,1 and 73,5%. Final score 71,912%.

Marianne Yde Helgstrand and Super Mario at CDI3 Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Marianne Yde Helgstrand and Super Mario at CDI3 Herning 2018. Photo credit: H2R

Watching the scoreboard something is for sure not in line

Looking at the scoring for 2nd placed Danish Marianne Yde Helgstrand with Super Mario, it does look a bit odd with scoring from British judge at M Jo Graham having the combination placed as no 12 with just 67%, where the other judges has the combination placed as no 5 - 2 - 2 - 1. They show a very nice trot tour with power and balance, the collected walk tour becomes a bit unbalanced, while the extended walk is supple with ground cover and huge over track, the canter tour is solid without any issues.

No 3 was another Danish combination Carina Nevermann Torup with Danish Warmblood gold medal mare Greven Sa VA. They show a strong test, from H2R point of view a bit too high tempo for the trot tour, and a solid canter tour with nice quality except some mixed up thing for the 2 times. Again the placements from the judges were a bit strange, 3 - 5 - 10 - 2 - 4.

Germany´s Kathleen Keller with Deal show at great test except the walk tour. From Danish judge at E Hans Chr. Matthiesen with walk pirouettes for 5 - 5 and 4 for collected walk at 6,5 for extended walk, while his German colleague at H Gotthilf Riexinger gives 6 - 6,5 for walk pirouettes and 7 for collected walk and 7 for extended walk. But how was the walk actually? 

The other Danish combinations

Betina Jæger and Møllegårdens Pas Partout showed a nice power trot tour with good flow, the walk pirouettes becomes a bit unbalanced, and the series are with a bit of tensions. 

Michael Nielsen and Count to Ten WN shows an overall nice test, the weakest point is the walk tour.

Dennis Fisker and Carlton Hill VDL showing a nice trot tour, loosing a step for the 2nd walk pirouette and lack in general more collection and balance for both canter pirouettes, and with a small error for the 4 times series. 

Anne Marie Hosbond and Diva Unik shows a good test, but just lacking some highlights. It becomes a bit ordinary the overall picture. 

Lone Bang Larsen and Thranegaardens Rostov did not really have the best day together today. Bit tense start and unbalanced medium trot, bit spooky by volte at E, bit tense walk tour and a couple of issues for the canter tour. 

See the entire result here.