CDI3 Grand Prix victory for Spanish Severo Jurado Lopez and Deep Impact today at Equitour Aalborg

Severo and Deep Impact repeats last years success at Equitour Aalborg - photo credit: H2R

Severo and Deep Impact repeats last years success at Equitour Aalborg - photo credit: H2R

Severo and Deep Impact showed again this year their strength winning today´s CDI3 Grand Prix with 73,022%. 

Entering halt becomes a bit wide in front, super nice balanced power diagonal with the extended trot, nice balance/energy for half passes, nice halt but a bit cautious rein back with 4,5 step back wards, another super extended trot, good transition to passage, start the piaffe early and is much forward going, good relaxation for the walk tour, small tensions for 2nd piaffe, good transition to canter, nice 2 times, zig-zag wellbalanced, small over turn for 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette with nice control, super extended trot 2 x 9, nice final with today´s best piaffe. 

2nd today was German Kathleen Keller with San Royal. They were showing a very smooth trot tour in a nice balance, small insecure moments for the piaffes and an error for the 1 times. 

3rd was Dutch Emmelie Scholtens with KWPN stallion Desperados. They showed a good halt, nice crossing with power half passes, good halt with just 4 steps backwards, nice extended trot, nice active piaffe and passage where you really can see how Emmelie manage to keep him active from behind all the time, super nice walk tour, smooth "dancing" 2nd piaffe, error for transition to canter, nice zig-zag, tense hind for 1 times with error in the middle, pirouettes becomes a bit over turn, nice final, open halt. 

4th Danish Betina Jæger with Mane Stream Belstaff. Belstaff is former ridden by Betina and is now back. They really seems to suit eachother and showing an error free test with good piaffe and passage and a strong canter tour. 

5th Danish Lone Bang Larsen and Bakkely´s Onandt were first to go. They were showing a test with good qualities, nice flow for half passes, lovely angle for the piaffe tours,but also with some issues where the timing was lacking a bit, and unfortunately for the canter tour with errors for both series.

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