Daniel Bachmann Andersen and Blue Hors Zepter today´s individual CDIO4 Grand Prix winner (video of the entire GP test)

It was pure WAUW for the young talented Blue Hors Zepter with Daniel Bachmann Andersen in the saddle today. Of course Daniel was very happy about his performance today with his "own" educated Zepter. 

Scoring 76,215% just tells it all, but move the timeline to 2:08:50 to watch the test. The only thing was the last transition to trot which became a bit late and also the only exercise scoring 6,5 - 7 - 6,0 - 6,0 - 6,5. 

Additionally with experienced Apache with Emmelie Scholtens and Dante Weltino OLD with Therese Nilshagen placed as no 2 and 3. 

Apache showed a nice concentrated test with a smooth trot tour in a nice balance, the first transition to passage is a bit late, and it looks like he kick himself during the 2nd passage tour towards the 2nd piaffe, but luckily it does not affect the rest of the test. A small stallion kick for the change after the extended canter. Nice overall picture. 73,870%.

Super strong start for Therese Nilshagen and Dante Weltino OLD (looks a bit frightening with Danish eyes 😁 ), but in the middle of their test they seems to loose a bit of terrain while catching up again during the canter tour. Lovely frame all the way as usual. 73,087%

Danish team

Huge expectations for Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian today, but the invironment seems a bit too much for the 8 year old gelding, and a lot of tensions crept into the test, but Cathrine still manage to get along and going from 40-something% to the finish score of 65,717%.

Anna Zibrandtsen and Arlando look in form right until the bell rang from judge at C, bit of blood seen at the right side of the mouth (from a small bit in the tongue). Unfortunately Anna is not allowed starting tomorrows Grand Prix Special when not finished the Grand Prix today. 

4th member of the Danish team Rikke Svane with Finckenstein TSF with a good job, nice flow for trot tour, piaffes need a bit more clear forward search and activity, for the canter Finckenstein becomes a bit tension hind for some moments today. 

Tomorrow is a new day and for sure the Danes will try to catch the Dutch team. Right now the Swedish team seems to be too far ahead. But very small difference between The Netherlands and Denmark. 

Results from today´s GP here. 

Start list for tomorrow´s GPS here.