Mannheim Grand Prix victory for Don Johnson and Isabell Werth today

Impressive arena in Mannheim placed in the middle of a sort of football arena for the Maimarkt Turnier. 

Today yet another Grand Prix win for the CV of Werth and Don Johnson. Outside the arena before entering Isabell had some of her routine stuff together with Don Johnson, as if she is just telling him to get rid of his tensions before going in, and it seems to be kind of "mission complete", as Don Johnson is focused all the way without any technical issues. Scoring 76,913%.

Dorothee Schneider takes both 2nd and 3rd place with Faustus and Fohlenhof´s Rock´n Rose. 

Faustus is still not that experienced with his just 10 years, but he is for sure in the best hands of Dorothee. Nice start but unfortunately with a small canter for the first extended trot, nice half passes, maybe not with the last suppleness, good halt with rein back. The passage still needs a bit more clear push all the time, but a lot of nice steps. The piaffe itself is with nice sit and activity and eventhough he is sitting very much he seems to be able to balance well both in and out of the piaffes. Good canter tour unfortunately with an error at the end of the 2 times, the pirouettes still needs a bit more centering. 

Fohlenhof´s Rock´n Rose showing a well balance trot tour, good halt but bit tense rein back, in general you could wish for a bit sharper push for the passage and the piaffe becomes somewhat cautious, but said that Dorothee and Rock´n Rose knows eachother very well, so for sure this is a question of timing. Solid canter tour, with super supple zigzag canter, small tension towards the end of the 2 times, but without any issues, both pirouettes becomes a bit big. 

See the entire results here.