73,65% international Grand Prix debut win for Nicolas Wagner (LUX) with Quater Back Junior

Quater Back Junior and Nicolas Wagner - photo credit: Lukaszkowalski.com

Quater Back Junior and Nicolas Wagner - photo credit: Lukaszkowalski.com

New young international Grand Prix combination from Luxemburg ready

Following Nicolas Wagner and Quater Back Junior from young horse classes into small tour, you were just sitting with the feeling that this combination could be very interesting for the big tour. And yesterday they just stepped into the Grand Prix scene with manor. 

The just 9 year old gelding Quater Back Junior by Quaterback/Bonheur and his 26 year old rider Nicolas Wagner entered the international Grand Prix scene yesterday at the World Cup and CDI3 event at Mariakalnok, Hungary with a very nice 73,62% debut win for the big tour. 

The overall picture was with ease and without tensions

Before entering Nicolas was just trotting around the arena not trying to adjust any buttons. Very nice start with an expressive diagonal, light and uphill with nice balance, nice half pass right with lovely crossing, small lack of bend where the balance is slightly lost. Super easy 1st piaffe/passage tour with good transitions, good walk tour with nice relaxation, 2nd piaffe with a small forward trend, good transition to canter, 2 times were correct but could be with a bit more expression, change after extended canter becomes small. Good 1st pirouette while the 2nd pirouette becomes unbalanced. Very nice final with easy centerline and super nice quality of both passage and piaffe including nice flow for transition. 

Huge step into the big tour and for sure a combination to keep an eye on for the future. 

See the results of the entire test here.